First Aid Tips for Babies

Learning the first aid tips for babies and executing them whenever required are few of the duties of a parent. Providing first aids to a sick or distressed baby is difficult due to few reasons. A baby is incapable of expressing his or her discomforts or pain. Therefore a parent may not be able to recognize what exactly causes the distress to the infant. Moreover a child cannot precisely respond to the help delivered by an adult which makes it harder to determine if necessary help is being provided.

The solution is to seek the instructions of professionals. They can tell you which signs you should look for in an infant, and how to react if particular signs are observed. Always be prepared with a mini ice pack in freezer, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, sterile bandages, gauze pads and tweezers.

Keep your First Aid supplies inside a box, so that in an emergency you’ve got everything you need in one place. It’s also a wiser act to put a mall First Aid Kit in your handbag or backpack.

Have the number of doctor, the nearest hospital and Poison Control stored in your mobile phone.

Here are four most important First Aid tips as per professionals.

If your toddler got high fever, you need to drop the temperature quickly. If the baby is sweating and got pink skin, that probably means the temperature has exceeded 37°C.

Use a thermometer to check.

Remove clothes and any other wraps of the baby. Feed a lot of fluids (water, diluted juice) and recommended dose of Paracetamol syrup.

It is ok to neglect a minor head bump or a bang. However if the baby had fall from a height or had hit on the head with a heavy or sharp object, it might cause danger. Do not let your baby sleep too long right after a big head injury. Make sure your baby is breathing. Be attentive to your baby for the rest of the day. Call 911 immediately if you notice unconsciousness, pale skin, blood or fluid coming from nose or ears, continuous vomiting, a deep indentation in scalp or dilated pupils in your baby. If none of the mentioned are observed, just an ice pack and a hug would cure the baby.

If the baby is losing a lot of blood (probably unconscious due to blood loss) call 911 and initiate the necessary first aid right away. Lay your baby down and hold upright his feet about 6 inches for few minutes. This move increases the blood stream to the brain. To prevent increasing baby’s heart rate, pamper him and keep him calm. If possible uphold the part of the body that is bleeding to reduce blood flow. Use a sterile bandage, or any other clean cloth and your hands to put pressure on the wound till help arrives.

The signs to look for are a red or blotchy rash, itchiness skin, swelling of hands, feet or face. If there is a known allergy give the recommended medicine to the baby in recommended dose. Else call 911 and do your best to make the baby feel good and comfortable till help arrives.

Being a parent is never easy, but if you are fully aware of the recommended First Aids for babies, then parenthood is much easier to grip than it seems.