About Us

Achieving optimal health requires dedication and consistency, but it doesn’t begin with these virtues. I believe that it begins with a basic understanding of what is necessary to allow each and every one of us to embrace our natural tendency for health. To that end, weekly spinal adjustments, daily healthy eating habits, a weekly fitness routine (trail-running, etc.), and an unwavering faith in my capacity for healing and health makes that tendency a reality. This reality is grounded in the principles of the philosophy, art, and science of Chiropractic—that healing comes from within. This understanding leaves very little room for an “outside-in” conventional approach to health that is burdened by the ill-effects of hasty pharmaceutical and surgical interventions. Chiropractic is in fact the “secret of my success” in raising my family naturally and in the healthiest manner, free of all “outside-in” influence.

Thank you for visiting our site. I look forward to having the opportunity to serve you in partnership toward optimal health. Give our Allison Park office a call or e-mail me using the link below, and let’s arrange a time to explore your options.